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Emily Iris is an Embodiment Magician, currently based in Boone, NC. A graduate of Dance Performance studies, 200 hr YTT, EFT certified, a long-time practitioner of Magick, and kink and BDSM player, she delights in guiding her clients through felt experiences that unlock deeper levels of freedom, love and wisdom in the body. Her movement magic has developed from ballet training, burlesque, belly dance, striptease, fire dance, yoga, circus, exercise science, and the Alexander Technique.


As a true alchemist, Emily Iris has used these movement styles to loosen and change the story of trauma in her own body, and it is this gift that she brings to her community now. Her skillful weaving of movement, esoteric arts, and sensuality support inner alignment and alchemical marriage within all those who play in her containers.

Her intention for all who work with her is that they find more acceptance, freedom and DELIGHT in their human experience! And so it is. 

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