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The essence of Shakti is m o v e m e n t

Straw hats

When was the last time you felt at home in your body? When did you last feel SEXY? When did you last catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror or a photo, and think “Damn girl, you are embodying your divinity!”

It’s easy to get disconnected - it’s how many of us were conditioned, so we can just drop the shame and self-loathing mmmmk?

The invitation in noticing our own disconnection is to plug back in- into our most basic essence, that of movement, creation, and pleasure 🤍.”

Sounds awful right? 😉To be in connection with your divine feminine, to allow the hips to circle in rhythm with the universe and the heart space to crack open... to shed your skin🐍

It’s my desire and path to share this movement magic with you, in the name of sisterhood, freedom from trauma responses, and pure love.

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