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It's Gemini season baby!

street corner

Sometimes, we can find it on the canyons edges, between what we say and what we do.

What we wish for, and what we continue doing.

What we believe and what we Know to be True.

“How are you exploring your own duality?”

You’re allowed to be the WHOLE prism 💎🌈 To express your shadow and light, and to see the jewel in each, just like our Gemini twin archetype. It takes a willingness to really l👁👁k, without clouding our vision, without getting wrapped up in the deep darkness or the blinding light, to find these lil nugs of wisdom. And it’s always worth the trip.

Hold both

As past and present versions of ourselves dance the dance of integration, it can feel real bumpy at times. A stubbed toe, a missed step, one too many “I should have’s”. This is all part of the ride. Remain seated and keep your arms, legs and belongings contained toward center, because we’re going up fam 🎢

In all of this play between extremes, we can come back to center, find the overlap and stew in the space of Oneness and total integration when we need to. It’s always here for you

So get out there! Find a lost piece of yourself and bring her home. Hold your abandoned qualities with compassion, and your celebrated qualities with gratitude. It’s all coming together now 😉

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