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Higher love 🌳

Higher vibration 🌀

Higher purpose 🐬

Higher abundance 🤑

Higher devotion and trust 🙏🏼

Ready for this next leap? It’s time to serve what’s for our HIGHEST and best good, as a collective 🌳🌳🌳

Maybe that means we need to shed a few layers 🍃🍂

Or allow ourselves to be completely transformed 🐸

Or surrender to where the current of our path is already taking us 🌊

Maybe it means we need MOAR of what fills our cups, more healing, more play, more FUN, more abundance, more opportunity, learning, equity and joy 🤩

And mayyyybe we can see it all through the frame of higher seeing 👁 The eye that sees even the bitter medicine as exactly what the Dr ordered. The vision that sees what real freedom and community can do to untangle karmic debts and learn exactly what it is we need to thrive in this life.

PC: @daynjer_in_focus


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